Hartford improviser: Jenny Drescher

Jenny Drescher

Jenny Drescher is both an Improvisational actress and an Applied Improvisation Facilitator based in CT. She performs regularly as part of the unique two person team, BOOP! in central CT, as well as the Happier Family Comedy Show of western Mass. Jenny uses and teaches Improvisation principles and skills extensively in her work as a personal development specialist. She is the co-founder of ConnectAnd Improv, an international training company specializing in the use of Improv skills for business and life, such as speaking and relationship building. Jenny teaches Improv to at risk teens at her local charter school. She has studied long, short, musical, and free form Improvised theater in many places and ways, including The Zen of Improv, Sea Tea Improv, McNally Improv, Cocco Productions, and with professionals from iO, UCB, Improv Boston, and Big Bang. www.connectandimprov.com & www.bridgetochoice.com